Sainsbury’s ‘1914’


I oversaw the development and execution of Tim Riley’s magnificent film celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the 1914 Christmas Truce, along with the strategy to manage the public response. One million copies of the chocolate bar featured in the ad were sold to raise money for the Royal British Legion, while the online documentaries […]

Sainsbury’s ‘Christmas in a Day’

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In 2012 I took a proposal to get people to upload stories about their Christmas, and asked Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald to turn it into a crowd-sourced documentary. The resulting 50-minute film became the centrepiece of Sainsbury’s Christmas campaign the following year. The film was watched over a million times, making it more popular than […]

Sainsbury’s Mog


Working in collaboration with author Judith Kerr, Executive Creative Directors Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi created this adaptation of a specially-commissioned children’s book for Sainsbury’s. The book became the number one Christmas bestseller and the fifth-highest selling book of the whole year, while the commercial was viewed over 29M times on YouTube.

Creatives: Alex Grieve & […]

Aviva ‘Big Picture’

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Aviva wanted to communicate that they put people first and foremost. I led the team that created ‘You are the big picture’, an experiential campaign in which Aviva’s customers were turned into giant pictures on buildings from London to Mumbai. Those with interesting stories were turned into short films. And the public could use Facebook […]

Tesco ‘Tannoy Takeover 2017’


The British aren’t good at telling people how much they care about them, particularly their dads. For Father’s Day I oversaw the creation of a simple piece of technology that turned Tesco Extra stores all over the UK into the sets of Richard Curtis movies. An in-house BBH team designed and built a booking and […]

Tesco ‘Personal Shopper’


Tesco customers tend to switch to more upmarket retailers when buying their first school uniform. To improve Tesco’s reputation for quality amongst this group, I oversaw a multi-channel experiential and social campaign in which Tesco recruited personal shoppers who really know what school’s about – eight-year-olds.

Films of the personal shoppers at work were shared on […]

Sainsbury’s ‘Boredom’


Long before ‘Mog’ became a Christmas bestseller, I was looking at other cross-platform publishing initiatives, like this book of ideas to keep kids entertained over the long summer holidays.

Creatives: Dave Buchanan and Mike Hannett



I’ve created or overseen over twenty Walkers commercials in the long-running Gary Lineker campaign. This example from 2016 was for the successful launch of a new Crispy Cracker variant.

Special effects by The Mill.

Art Director: Michael Durban

Copywriter: Tony Strong