Sainsbury’s ‘Christmas in a Day’

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In 2012 I took a proposal to get people to upload stories about their Christmas, and asked Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin Macdonald to turn it into a crowd-sourced documentary. The resulting 50-minute film became the centrepiece of Sainsbury’s Christmas campaign the following year. The film was watched over a million times, making it more popular than […]

Sainsbury’s ‘Try Something New Today’

Sainsbury’s called a pitch for a platform idea that would change the whole direction of their business. Two smart planners worked out that if every shopper put just one more item in their basket, they’d be back in growth. I co-created the launch campaign and three months’ worth of follow-up work, overseeing a new brand […]

Quaker. From the Mighty Oat.

Who knew Buzz Aldrin ate oats for breakfast the morning he walked on the moon? I did, actually – I’m a bit of a NASA obsessive. Trawling through the NASA archive, my writer and I came across a priceless bit of banter about a porridge-eating contest that became a 2-minute TV and cinema epic.

Director: Tom […]

Aviva ‘Big Picture’

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Aviva wanted to communicate that they put people first and foremost. I led the team that created ‘You are the big picture’, an experiential campaign in which Aviva’s customers were turned into giant pictures on buildings from London to Mumbai. Those with interesting stories were turned into short films. And the public could use Facebook […]

Galaxy Duets


Galaxy wanted to create and launch a new chocolate bar aimed at young women. Taking a cue from the bar’s contrasting flavours, I co-created ‘Galaxy Duets’, the first in a series of low-budget collaborations by contrasting artists. ‘Moon River’ became the most-shared viral track on Spotify within a week, and the bar itself sold out […]


A colleague with a family member who’d recovered from anorexia asked my writer and I if we could do anything to help others in his position. We discovered that if parents only spotted the signs earlier, treatment outcomes would be improved. Working in conjunction with the Department of Health and the charity bEAT, we created […]

Aviva Name Change

In 2009 insurance company Norwich Union changed its name to Aviva. Briefed to communicate this so it would seem like a positive rather than a hassle, I was one half of the team that hit on using the example of celebrities who only found real success after changing their names. Walter Willis, Richard Starkey and […]

Guinness ‘Hands’


For budget reasons, Guinness faced a nine-month delay in making a new blockbuster ad in the famous ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’ campaign. We were asked to create a low-cost, cross-platform campaign to keep their fans amused during the long, er, wait. So a drinker drumming his fingers seemed appropriate. The ad sparked […]

The Economist

The red-and-white Economist posters were an open, competitive brief to every team at AMV BBDO. This is a small selection from the twenty or so I co-wrote and art directed that made it onto the billboard sites.

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I’ve created or overseen over twenty Walkers commercials in the long-running Gary Lineker campaign. This example from 2016 was for the successful launch of a new Crispy Cracker variant.

Special effects by The Mill.

Art Director: Michael Durban

Copywriter: Tony Strong